Memories: Backward – Forward

For every new road we take, I know that we’ll miss those past memories sometimes.
I know that sometimes u miss those adventurous work moments here and there.
Just like I miss praying for u for every weeks to have safe flights those days.
Just as I miss waiting someone to come at my door for every months while his job visit.

But life is full of choices, eh?
We choose by Allah’s guidance. We’ve repeatedly pray for the guidance.
We’ve considered several times from any sides, ’till finally u choose this way.
And I choose to keep on supporting u for every road u take.
And now we’re in this path.

I understand that it mustn’t be easy sometimes to adjust to the new rhythm, but we have to keep on moving forward. It’s natural if sometimes u miss those memories just as I miss mine.
But I know we’ll get through this anyway, insyaa Allah.
Bismillah.. For the future ahead, please keep on moving forward.

We never know where the future will take us.
Let us following Allah’s plans, in His misterious ways.
We just have to believe.

*Agak galau episode ke sekian
Mohon maaf, harap maklum _/|\_ 😀

Galuh Nindya


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