Everyone Need…

everyone need a shoulder to lay on
everyone need a hand to hold
everyone need someone to rely on
everyone need …


hehe. curhat lagi toh yaa?

why oh why?
actually, i’m feelin like i can’t stand on my both feet, by myself anymore. i need another one to rely on. i’m a woman, still. i can’t handle anything by myself. i can’t face anything alone. i can’t keep those secrets alone. i can’t restrain all of my dissappointments & my sadness by myself. i can’t trust anyone easily, but still, i need somebody.

heu. i feel sooooo exhausted.
have u ever been feelin the same?

*edisi grafik menurun*


  1. Hahahaa!
    What secrets?
    You can trust me to restrain your disappointment and your sadness. Haha *sok sweet*
    But you can’t do it all. 😀
    Ah, there is Allah will be have everything you need. 🙂
    Fighting! *icon mengepalkan tangan :mrgreen: *


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